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For Orders Contact: Jimmy Youngblood
1-912-592-5088 or
Jessie Youngblood

New Products

2021 Show Supply Catalog

Check out our full catalog for items you need to prepare for show day with cattle, sheep, goat or swine.

Weaver’s NEW ProAir Blower is currently in stock and ready to ship.

• Now lighter, more portable, and packed with power.
• An all-in-one unit weighing only 20.55 pounds.
• Featuring the fastest air speeds and coolest air on the market.
• Including an easily removable crush proof hose.

Contact us to order at 912-592-5084.

Our New ProRemover Wipes will keep your equipment in top shape.

• Durable, textured wipes effectively remove even the thickest layers of adhesive, powder and paint from your combs, mats and other fitting equipment.
• Powerful citrus oils and strong fibers break the adhesion
of paint, powder and adhesive for complete removal
of show day products.